Encountering Phayre’s leaf monkeys in Yunnan

Well-known for its rich biodiversity, Southwest China’s Yunnan province serves as an important genetic reservoir for both animal and plant species. The province is currently home to 542 species of wild plants and 386 species of wildlife that are under first-class state protection.

In the lush forests of Mangshi, a county-level city in Yunnan, lives a troupe of Phayre’s leaf monkeys, totaling around 320. This is currently the largest known population of Phayre’s leaf monkeys in a single region within the country.

Phayre’s leaf monkeys, characterized by their petite size and gentle nature, are under first-class state protection. An array of protection measures have been taken since their discovery, creating a favorable living environment for the monkeys.

Watch the video to find out more about these cute creatures.