Jury panel for short films at BJIFF hails diversity of entries

At the 14th Beijing International Film Festival, the jury for the short film section commended the quality and diversity of this year’s entries. Led by veteran film producer Peggy Chiao, along with actress Jiang Qinqin, actor Zu Feng, and other esteemed panel members, the jury unveiled their judging criteria at a press conference.


Short films have long played a pivotal role in the film industry, nurturing emerging talent and fostering innovative storytelling. The ReelFocus Program within the short film section is dedicated to discovering new talent adept at crafting impactful narratives within limited timeframes.

Veteran producer Peggy Chiao said it was a challenging task to select this year’s winners, given the exceptional quality and variety of themes explored in the submissions. She noted the breadth of artistic expression on offer, ranging from works of mature technical skill to those with experimental or traditional elements.

Scriptwriter Chen Yu emphasized the increasing importance of short films in a digitalized society, citing their potential to resonate with younger audiences across a wide range of platforms. He highlighted the shift in perception towards short films, emphasizing the importance of content and emotional resonance over the duration of the films.

Initiated in 2022, the ReelFocus Program aims to identify and support talented student creators and provide a platform for their professional development as directors.