Fashion & tradition: Taiwan youth part of hanfu revival

Zhong Min-hao, a hanfu enthusiast from Taipei who owns over 30 different sets of hanfu, has been devoted to promoting the traditional Chinese attire in Taiwan.

Every November, hanfu enthusiasts like Zhong from across Taiwan gather in Hsimenting, a popular shopping district in Taipei, to participate in the Taiwan Hanfu Festival. The event has grown significantly, from just over 100 participants in its first year to over a thousand in the fourth year.

Zhong said that Chinese culture is deeply rooted in Taiwan, and compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait share the same Chinese characters and celebrate similar festivals. He hopes to travel around the Chinese mainland and visit historical landmarks wearing the traditional Chinese cloth.

Despite the current “de-sinicization” policy in Taiwan, he said that people are eager to understand their own history and, as a result, they seek to explore and discover it.