Amway committed to investing in China, for China: company CEO Milind Pant

Amway‘s CEO Milind Pant speaks at the China Development Forum 2024. Photo: Courtesy of Amway

Amway‘s CEO Milind Pant speaks at the China Development Forum 2024. Photo: Courtesy of Amway

GT: At the annual two sessions, which was just concluded, the Chinese government emphasized the need to continue to attract foreign investment. How do you view the prospects of China’s economy and the business environment in China?

Pant: Premier Li Qiang shared with us the progress of high-quality development and stable economic growth. We are confident of China’s long-term growth potential. Our business in China is our largest and fastest growing, and we are committed to continuing to invest in that business.

GT: Does your company have any plans to increase investment in China this year? And what specific measures will be taken in 2024?

Pant: Amway is in 100 markets across the world. Among them, China is a largest and fastest growing and we will continue investing in China. We’re investing in our manufacturing in Guangzhou and modernizing it, upgrading it and expanding it. We are investing in health and nutrition experience centers across China, across cities. We are investing in data and technology, and we continue to explore other areas for investment, like looking for a new organic farm in China that focuses on traditional Chinese medicine.

GT: Currently, the public is increasingly interested in health products and services. How do you view the development trend of the big health industry?

Pant: We are very grateful for the “Healthy China Initiative” and for the opportunity Amway has to be a part of it. Health is the foundation; health is wealth. In that regard, prevention is the most important first step, and that’s what Amway focuses on. We empower 200,000 micro entrepreneurs and business owners to help people with a healthy mindset, health knowledge and healthy lifestyle.

GT: As we know, you have conducted research on Oriental health practices. Could you provide an introduction? How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Pant: I love the Chinese culture. I love the philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine which is about harmony and being holistic. I have incorporated that in my own life, which is starting with a healthy breakfast in the morning. We have a morning nutrition that I take every day, consisting of seven nutrients. We cooperate with the Chinese Nutrition Society to establish authoritative new standards for Chinese dietary science.

Whenever I get a chance, I exercise, I focus on sound and long sleep even while I’m traveling across countries.

In the “Healthy China Initiative,” we have published a research paper and are partnering on initiatives for a healthy China and healthy cities. For example, we have mayors from eight cities in China participating in the China Development Forum to discuss topics related to healthy China and healthy cities.”

GT: Today, you have participated in the release ceremony of the “2024 National Health Lifestyle Intervention and Impact Research Report,” which emphasizes the importance of a healthy community. Amway has many successful practices in this area. Could you please share some of your experiences?

Pant: If you look across the world, the gap between lifespan and health span is growing and Amway wants to help people live healthier and happier lives for longer.

So the study that you just mentioned, it provides recommendation and an action plan and what to do next. It focuses on prevention, health knowledge, and health awareness, the importance of community building, then of course, importance of micronutrients, proteins and other aspects.

GT: We learned that during your trip, you have met with the US Ambassador to China, and you plan to meet the Vice Minister of SAMR and the President of the Friendship Association. What have you learned from the meeting and what are your expectations?

Pant: I look forward to a visit like this, to be able to meet as many people as possible. As you have mentioned, the friendship association, SAMR and the US ambassador, we want to be of help in growing people-to-people connections between the US and China. We are confident about the Chinese economy and its long-term growth potential. And we are committed to continuing to invest in China, for China.

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