Discover the beauty of world heritage: Quanzhou


Quanzhou on China’s southeast coast is a 1,000-year-old city that is known as the “First Port of the Orient.” Its inclusion in 2021 on the UNESCO World Heritage List made Quanzhou a globally recognized cultural treasure. As the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, Quanzhou not only boasts a rich and diverse history but also bears witness to the exchanges between civilizations and their integration.

Quanzhou’s World Heritage Sites include the Kaiyuan Temple, Luoyang Bridge, Qingjing Mosque, Tianhou Temple, Deji Gate Site, Wind-Praying Carvings on Mount Jiuri, and Cai Family Ancestral Homes. In this ancient city you can stroll through well-preserved alleys to experience the prosperity of the Song and Yuan dynasties; visit unique religious buildings to learn about the harmonious coexistence of diverse beliefs; and sample authentic Minnan cuisine to get a taste of the city’s cultural heritage.

Join us as we explore Quanzhou and discover the limitless charm of this World Heritage city!