AI and digitalization drive sportswear production in Fujian

Visitors watch as a local worker demonstrates an automatic template machine at Kelme’s exhibition hall in Jinjiang, East China’s Fujian province, on May 16, 2024. [Photo/]

Automation, artificial intelligence and 5G technology have been widely used in sportswear making in Jinjiang in East China’s Quanzhou city, Fujian province, to increase production capacity and market competitiveness.

Kelme Sports Products Co, Ltd (China), an industry pioneer, has accelerated its technological renovation in recent years. According to Ke Yongxiang, president of Kelme (China), through digital transformation, the company’s operating costs have dropped by 15 percent and operational efficiency has improved by nearly 20 percent.

Via technologies including cloud big data, AI and 5G, Kelme has digitized the process of each piece of clothing from design and production to final sales and after-sales.

Ke also noted that AI graphic recognition technology has been commonly applied to improve the accuracy of quality inspections.

During a visit to Kelme’s exhibition hall in Jinjiang on May 16, as part of the 2024 A Date with China international media tour, Tunisian journalist Derouiche Asma, said: “I think these products are of good quality, made by quality machines, and of course, by quality people who ensure the products’ excellence. With reasonable prices as well, Arabic people will be happy to buy these quality products.”